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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  February 12, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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let's get over to justin drabick with the forecast. good sunday morning, but we cannot bring the sun today, can we. >> we got the to the the 50's yesterday. today umbrellas, rain jackets, soggy finish to the weekend. it is not a monday morning. >> is there a silver lining. >> sunshine will be out tomorrow but it will be windy. we will talk about freezing rain today so still we have cold air, stuck right at the surface up into the hundred tane maybe lehigh valley, a shot the to see ice, early this morning in the afternoon hours. so far in the a whole lot of rainfall even in philadelphia couple sprinkles and bulk still to the west. give it the a couple more
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hours. moving into western lancaster county, light rain early in the lehigh valley, still dealing with light freezing rain this to the poconos. should stay like that throughout the take today but most of the area does see just plane rain, period of the rain at times late this morning this is afternoon, steady early afternoon quick moving system out of here by early evening. general amounts quarter inch to philadelphia, higher amounts to the north and western and to the south as far as rainfall also. wind chill weather advisories are in effect, for berks, lehigh valley, upper bucks. they will stay in effect all day for poconos. these spots have potential to see some ice. so right now temperatures are above freezing but that storm strengthens a little bit and able to draw in cold air. we will get the close to freezing, so maybe, couple hundreds of ice accumulation is possible, if it does, you know, there could be slick travel on the sidewalks, bridges, overpasses but temperatures above freezing every where except poconos where we're at 28 degrees.
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no issues there at the moment. exception is the mountains, today mid 40's off and on rain , at the shore upper 40's, mid 30's for highs in the poconos. tonight, high wind watch goes into effect, strong wind gusts on monday, we will talk about that system and what to expect over next several days in the next few minutes. >> back to you. new this morning a fire tighter is hospitalized following a burlington county fire, and the flames broke out shortly before 4:00 a.m. at a house behind a auto body shop on route 130 and delran. crews place that had fire under control before 6:00 this morning, one fire tighter was rush to the hospital, with minor injuries. also overnight, driver is under arrest for a dui, after this collision in the hunting park section of north philadelphia. here is the scene near intersection of the broad street and hunting park avenue you can see, pieces of this car are scattered in the street there, police say three people were inside that sedan when it hit two parked cars, one person suffered serious
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injuries, cause of the crash is under investigation. two teens fortunate thely are recovering this morning after being shot outside of a south philadelphia apartment. this happened here at river view apartments on south fourth street they are washington avenue. police say a group of teens was hanging out the inside this arcing lot when someone fired four or five shots from the street. one teen was hit in the leg and another grazed by a bullet , no word on any suspects. two men are in stable condition following a shooting in north philadelphia. this happened here on the 2500 block of cecil b. moore after new just after 1:00 this morning. both of the victims are in their 30's. they were transported to a local hospital, so far in suspects. lieutenant steven floyd is laid to rest, more than a week after he became first correctional officer in delaware to die in the line of of duty. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more on how lieutenant floyd is being remembered. >> reporter: in life he was a tatter, friend, mentor, in
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death a hero, lieutenant steven floyd was killed last week when he and two other correctional officers as well as counselor were taken hostage by inmates at a maximum security prison in smyrna, delaware. fellow officers said floyd died after warning others of the ambush. >> put him into a closet and the officers had come in, lieutenants had come into the building to enter into the building and sergeant floyd yelled at them and told them it was a trap and to get out of the building. >> reporter: floyd was remembered during a private funeral at delaware state university. >> we mourn with the floyd family, we considered them one of ours because steven floyd was a dsu father, he has two daughters one currently in school here one graduating from delaware state. >> reporter: there was a large turnout by fellow members of the the law enforcement from throughout the country. >> this is important as members of the the law enforcement family that we will stick together and she our support for each other in troubling times. >> reporter: delaware tait police are still investigate hog killed floyd and
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questioning more than 120 inmates, in the days after his death floyd's family was given a medal of valor on his behalf and touring an emotional vigil fellow guard josh wilkerson gave the community a glimpse in the the psychological toker of a standoff that lasted near a a day and ended floyd's life >> unaudible. >> reporter: on tuesday, delaware governor john carney is expected to name who he hopes will lead the independent review, of the prison incident. in the sat center i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" and in other news this morning south korea plans to punish north korea for its latest missle launch, u.s. strategic demand detected and tracked what it assessed was a medium or intermediate range ballistics missle. officials say it did not pose a threat to north america. japan prime minister shinzo abe is condemning the launch as absolutely intolerable. president trump assured abe natalie u.s. has got his back.
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>> i just want everybody to understand and fully know natalie united states of america stands behind japan, its great alley 100 percent. >> earlier the president and mrs. trump hosted a dinner with the prime minister and his wife at their estate in florida before posing for pictures and sitting down for the meal. meantime president trump is considering a new executive order on immigration, while the old one undergoes legal testing in court. that could happen either tomorrow or tuesday. over the past week ice agents held raids and arrested at least 300 people from coast to coast. 160 of those arrests happened in los angeles where raids were carried out this six counties in southern california. now according to the l.a. ice director those arrested were criminals and people without standing deportation orders. >> should also know that there are a lot of out of status and
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things are changing and ice agents will take a hard look at them and probably take them into custody. >> the actions of the first conn earth ised effort by ice under the trump administration to arrest targeted, un documented immigrants for deportation proceedings. the raids spark outrage in washington d.c., hundreds of the demonstrators gathered at the white householding signs and chanting here to stay, speakers took turns voicing concerns that their friend and family members could soon be targets of the federal immigration agents. the group briefly blocked traffic at the sunset on the organized protest. meantime other protesters against planned parenthood held rallies all across the country, ant a borings activist are calling for the federal government to cut off payments to planned parenthood , but in some cities counter protests dwarfed those demonstrations. federal dollars do not the pay for abortions but medicaid
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reimburses plan parenthood for other services including birth control and cancer screenings. still ahead right here on cbs-3 eyewitness news a tragedy at the world trade center transit hub, the freak accident, on a escalate or that led to the deaths of a young woman. and caught on camera, a tractor trailer flipped over on to a police car weather being blamed for this crash, still ahead. justin in. good sunday morning everyone. the waiting on rain in philadelphia, it is on its way once rain leaves we will talk about some strong wind gusts high wind watch goes into effect. we will talk about that in eyewitness wet ther. >> always been funny, absolutely, yes. >> we hear from james corden's parents as the funny man gets ready for tonight's grammys, will they make an appearance on tonight's awards show? we will be back in a
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back now on "eyewitness news" a tragic accident inside world trade center's transit hub has left a new jersey woman dead. brian from our sister station in new york reports the woman fell to her death from a third story escalate or. twenty-nine year-old yen i san toes of carney, new jersey was on her way home with her twin sister when she fell some 30 feet over the side of this escalator handrail to the marble floor below. sources tell cbs two victim was trying to save her sister jessica's hat which had trooped over the side when she apparently lost her balance and then fell. >> it is just, you know hard to to believe. >> reporter: at times struggling for word clemens talk about the vibrant young woman who coached crew with him at bergen county rowing
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academy. >> just yesterday she was with us, jenny was coaching our team, very gentle, caring, loving person, always ready to help with and loved by all rowers. >> reporter: freak accident happened inside soaring $3.9 billion world trade center transit the hub which opened last summer. stunned visitors left trying to make sense of it all. >> it had to be hard for her sister standing right there, you know, just dread full, you know, unbelievable that something like that could happen. >> reporter: jenny santos was a graduate of william paterson university and a teacher. she was taken to bellevue hospital but it was already too late. >> please hold handrail. >> reporter: some wonder if safety rails or glass walls could have have saved her. >> i think she need to build walls higher when they create these escalators because same thing happened at shay stadium , someone fell over escalators. walls are not high enough to prevent tragic accidents that happened like today. >> reporter: coach clemens says he is not advised, jenny
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would try to i have her twin sister's hat. >> somehow the the hat flew away and jump off of that and that is her fun loving way, also a helpful what i want go to be helpful and to i just can't believe that this went so wrong. >> that was brian bear reporting. in word whether safety glass will be considered will. divers find a cab of the trail their plunge off the chesapeake bay bridge in virginia, 47 year-old joost he have chen lost control of the big rig trying to pass another tractor trailer on thursday. the navy rescued chen from his trailer but he died on the way to the hospital, and police are hoping natalie truck's black box will help them learn more about the crash. check this out, wild wind in wyoming, watch as powerful gusts of wind blow over an 18 wheeler, there it goes, rigs landed right on top of the police car, fortunate thely no officers were inn identify that car and in one was injured. the wind were gusting to 70
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miles an hour at that time. that is incredible video, justin i guess i hear wind is heading our way tomorrow. >> we will get wind too, not quite zero seven but close to 60-mile an hour overnight into early monday morning. bridge restrictions across the region tomorrow as well as high profile vehicles, bridges and overpasses. today on the bridges and overpasses we could be dealing with the ice to the far north, so going to the lehigh valley, berks county, definitely poconos, it is light treeing rain, there it is, 32 right now, kutztown area middle school on the the neighborhood network east wind at is 11. you can see snowy road ago way from the yesterday's mild temperatures but watch out for some slick spots, camera lens there is wet the but bridges, overpasses, sidewalks, could be icy especially in the the far northwestern suburbs up in the poconos over the next few hours. the reason is a developing storm system, right now, it the is not a upper storm storm we have moisture with it, in northern pennsylvania right new so that steady rain just off to the west and give it
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another couple hours, probably moving into philadelphia and already seeing some light rain into lehigh valley and freezing rain in the poconos. we will zoom in closer here carbon monroe counties seeing that treeing rain right now but berks, lehigh valley, northern bucks, you guys are under an advisory through early afternoon potential for spotty treeing drizzle there as well, maybe a trace to a couple hundreds of an inch in the suburbs just enough to cause problems. even though it is mild, we are waking up with temperatures above freezing, good 10-degree warmer to this time yesterday in philadelphia. ten in allentown. we are concern about freezing rain there and mount poke though 6 degrees warmer but still well below. twenty-eight in the mountains right now. thirty-five officially in the lehigh valley international. low to mid 40's south jersey and delaware. some spots could hit 50's this afternoon, across southern delaware and extreme southern new jersey. is there cold air kind of stuck across northern new england we have warmth, richmond 57 degrees, that is a warm front cut ago cross the region. really does not get further to the the north, today and we
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will be stuck with the colder side of the system and then just plane rain for a majority of the region, with the exception up in the mountains freezing rain that could end up as snow in the poconos as well. that storm energize escalator tonight, moves off shore, cranks up, widespread, snow, and up across northern new england and maine, blizzard like conditions there, potential for a foot, foot and a half of snow present that systems moves out on monday. it will bring wind for us. next system moving in mid week and dies down to the north bringing us some clouds. if you like snow head north, maybe an inch or two in the poconos later today but majority of it new england look at that, 18, maybe close to 2 feet of snow, potentially from that system. temperature wise for us, we're mild, we will get to the 40's to 50 degrees for philadelphia on southward, key is lehigh valley, points northward, we will watch those temperatures whoever around freezing and then later this afternoon when we start to clear things out it is a fast moving system and then tonight the wind really will kick up, sunnies back out for monday but it will be windy, and temperatures cooler then today, in the 30's to
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lower 40's. so ice potential a few hundreds of ab inch of accumulation possibly high valley. quarter inch in the poconos. high wind watch goes into effect at midnight tonight. the sustained winds out of the west 35 miles an hour, gusting to maybe 60, early tomorrow, so down branches, wires, likely, that could lead to scattered power outages, overnight into monday, today rain at times late this morning in the afternoon, and extended forecast once that system is out of there, temperatures close to average the in the 40's, more clouds, wednesday and then, by the end of the week, weekend could form up to 50 on saturday. back to you. >> looking good, back to you. 8:18. time to check the roads, lets go to amanda muhler in the the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. >> hi there, jan. we are looking good out there this morning but we have a couple of things to point out. we are looking live at the disabled vehicle on the schuylkill near conshohocken curve that we mentioned earlier. it has been there quite a while but they have a tow truck out there. it is not causing any delays right now but be careful passing by in the the right
8:19 am
lane there. this new jersey crews are on the scene in the fire in taylor lane and new albany road that has both lanes block best bet toys use haines mill road and tom brown road at your alternate n center city all lanes are blocked on south broad street in both directions between walnut and locust street due to construction. that is set to be there until early this evening, so try using samson street to get around. that here's a live look at route is hundred at sunrise boulevard. great day. sunday drive. in the cbs-3 traffic center amanda muhler now back to you. >> thank you. many of the music's big stars are resting up for big award show tonight, and a big show is planned. there will be tribute segments to music legends prince and george michael but while not every performer will walk away a winner, grammys performance is a loan will be worth tuning in for this years late, late the show james corden is hosting. the tone a ward winner said if it doesn't go well, he has a backup plan. >> it will be fine if it all goes well, if it doesn't, it will be just me crying my eyes
8:20 am
out while i ethan in and out berger that actually sound good though. >> a lot of people are looking forward to seeing corden host the show, including corden's parents who are very proud of their son becoming so successful. today is a special day for corden's parents for another reason too. >> it is our forty-sixth wedding anniversary tomorrow. so we are going to be really excited what a way to celebrate our forty-sixth wedding anniversary. >> celebrating with the grammys, yes. >> he has always been funny. >> right around five, he realized that if he behaved a certain way he would get a continue i reaction. >> yes. >> he loved it. >> yes. >> hey, hey. >> it looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree there congrats to malcolm and margaret corden, they may
8:21 am
make a quick appearance on the grammys but they didn't want to give away secrets about the host act. more coverage is coming up throughout the show, and we have some information also on will bring home the grammy gold. don't forget grammys are tonight, she starts at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. talking about movie stars now at age 28, actress emma stone has become the darling of hollywood, her most recent performance this is blockbuster film la la land has earned her an oscar nomination. and as cbs sunday morning's lee cohen tells us it is no wonder that acting is always been a part of her life. here's a review of the interview you'll see coming up late are on cbs this sunday morning. >> reporter: emma stone may be hollywood but she rarely takes the spotlight. you see her sharing it with her younger brother bennet.
8:22 am
born in scottsdale, stone had a passion for acting that she put before almost anything else. which is why perhaps she takes her younger brother sensor to these red carpets. she owes him big. >> when i was little we did our own little shows and she was director and bossed me around, tremendously. >> you have no idea. >> she would be the star of the show and i would be everyone else. >> yeah. >> but it isn't crazy. >> this is like your home away there home. >> yes. >> she brought us to the place she said made her sane. >> it looks exactly the same. >> does it. >> yeah. >> valley youth theater in downtown phoenix. >> look at you. >> how are you. >> good. >> bob cooper has been artistic director for years and first met at age 11 and even then saw a spark he will,
8:23 am
and not just because of her braces. >> she could project very well >> why are you laughing. >> i was loud beyond belief. i always talked over bob and got in trouble. >> she was willing to take any part, it didn't matter what the character was how big the character was she was willing to take the part. >> that is emma stone's rising star and designer michael koor s this sunday morning on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. is there still much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", pat and tori are back and this time it is all gravy, or sauce, we will show you their latest cook off when we come right back. 6vfz z5yz
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back this november tori took home crown this is thanksgiving pie off. >> winner winner chicken dinner. >> time for another pat verse tori with our mom diana back. we lost first one, it was a pie off. not good. >> not good. >> ready for this one. >> we will win. >> this is italian gravy, it ain't sauce but gravy. well, i guess that depend on who you ask. >> would i say gravy is, brown >> right. >> sauce is red. >> right. >> sauce is sauce and gravy has meat in it. that gives it the all of the flavor. >> yes. >> each family recipe org that ited from the same region in italy a bruce i, but styles we grew up on could not be more different. diana and i use meat while tor i and louise grew up on a simple recipe with no meat. >> first thing is the best, plum tomatoes. reason i like them because when i was a kid, my mother, used a yard, mom mom, used to
8:27 am
yard her own tomatoes. >> for our tomatoes we pass on puree. >> we start with crushed tomatoes. >> add many bold flavors. >> we need lots of cheese, so if you want to start grating. >> celery, carrots, onion ready. >> parsely. >> yes. >> yes. >> plus, a few surprising spices. >> dash of cinnamon and nut meg. >> i didn't know that. >> it is secret. >> woodill kitchen tori and louise go heavy on garlic. >> i like to just add maybe a little bit more garlic then normal. >> and fresh basil. >> yes. >> i would do it a couple times. >> with each sauce simmering on the stove. >> probably will have meet the meet in it. he looks like a meat either. >> competition is eating up. >> smell that pat gallen it smells like success. >> taste good. >> we're good. >> perfect. >> it is a wrap.
8:28 am
>> check out part two coming up special judges in the italian market taste test each one and see which one wins, that is in the next half an hour right here on "eyewitness news". also, ahead we are looking at a soggy sunday unfortunately justin tells us when the rain will move out, when we come right
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♪ good morning i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist just continue drabick with the forecast, unfortunately on this sunday, justin is not a great day for us outside. >> not at all, next hour will be dry here in the city and then late in the the take, in between we will see steady
8:31 am
rain moving in. little ice though is a problem in the poconos at the this hour maybe lehigh valley, winter weather advisory. soggy finish to our weekend, once this storm passes we will crank up the wind tonight, gusting wind into monday but we have sunshine coming back us from the start of the workweek. the here's what is happening storm scan three waiting on that rain. we have had it, far north western suburbs, light rain, treeing rain in the poconos indicated by pink there, some trying to get down in northern lehigh and northampton county. steady rain moving through lancaster right thousand. give it another hour we will arrive in the city. we have rain at times, steady rain early afternoon but by early evening it is gone. rain tall amounts a quarter inch around city, more to the north, less to the south, and then problems and berks county lehigh valley northern bucks and poconos under a winter weather advisory for potential for freezing rain as temperatures will tropical a few degrees as the storm intensifies a little bit and that precipitation picks up.
8:32 am
icing conditions possible, we have lehigh veil, upper bucks, berks, rain mixing with freezing rain depending where you are. maybe couple hundreds of an inch of ice accumulation. right the thousand most of the temperatures are above freezing, with the exception in the mountains new down to 32 at quakertown, that is problem zone, 35 in doylestown , 39 mount holly, new jersey. high of 45. upper 40's at the shore, mid 30's in the poconos and then tonight wind crank up and put high wind watch in effect for the region. we will talk about that in the full forecast in a few minutes and let you know what to expect over next several days, jan, back to you. tomorrow, loved ones of activist winnie harris will lay her to rest with you they will continue to search for her killer as well, the six five-year old woman was found shot in her own home in west philadelphia last week. reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live with more with police headquarters, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan really tragic story, miss wine
8:33 am
harris was very much loved by her community because all she did was work to make her neighborhood more beautiful but someone took her life and police are now searching for her killer as a community is still in mourning. take a look at video we have from sat the day, i mean a huge crowd gathered this her west philadelphia community to mourn loss of miss winnie harris and to remember many contributions that she has made to her community, they called her a sister trend, a neighborhood stewart who work hard to make her neighborhood beautiful. miss winnie was executive director and long time volunteer coordinator of uc green a non-profit that plants trees and cleans up west philadelphia she had formed partnerships and coalition was neighborhood leaders making a real positive impact. we have been told her friend at uc green contacted the police when miss win difficult not show up for a meeting. when she arrived they found her unresponsive on the second floor of her home in the 300 block of north holley street.
8:34 am
police say she had been shot several times and was pronounced on the scene, at vigil saturday those that knew her well called for justice. >> if anyone knows, any information. >> speak up. >> that can help us, please speak up. >> there is a $20,000 reward for information and we are begging people to please come out because this is senseless, what happened to our friend. >> they are survived by a daughter, number of brothers, nieces and nephews and host of family and other friend from her community. she will be remembered tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at christ community church in west philadelphia. if you have any information on this case please contact the police. live from police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sad story, hopefully somebody comes forward, thank you. private funeral will be held for a local business
8:35 am
legend, albert boscov, with a memorial service at a later day. the boscov died on friday, less than two weeks after announcing he had pancreatic cancer. he took the rains of the family business that his fat ther started in reading in 1914 and grew the company to sales of excess of $1 billion. albert boscov was 87 years old visiting the happiest place on earth will now cost you a few extra bucks every year, today disney is raising ticket rises at its u.s. parks , single day passes to orlando's magic kingdom will cost five dollars more, pay up to $869 for an annual pass, at most that is a 40 toll air price hike, disney is adding expiration dates to all of its tickets. well, where will you be watching the 59th grammy awards? if you are planning to stay inside, tune in tonight right here on cbs-3. >> ♪
8:36 am
>> well, my mommies looking forward to this one, carrie underwood and keith urban are gearing up for music's biggest night they were scenery hers ing, practicing for the big due it. late, late show's james corden is hosting. local radio dj's say they are amped for at ward show. our friend marilyn russell from the 98.1 wogl breakfast club, any summers from the 92.5xtu view and bex from 96.5 says this will be a show to remember. they caught up with our very own jim donovan to give their grammy predictions while some artists seen like bex say the moments surrounding the big performance will be completely unpredictable. >> we want to see that wardrobe malfunction and see a fight break out. no, wait that was my philly coming out, sorry. you want to see the contrast and see all of the people who are hopefully getting a long.
8:37 am
>> i do want to see beyonce what she's wearing how she's debuting her baby bump. i'm excited for that. >> beyonce made headlines just recently you may remember announcing she's expecting twins with husband jay-z, grammys will be first time that she has been seen in public since that announcement , beyonce is up for nine grammys including album of the year. while everyone talks about beyonce verse adele for top honors the the country ge nre is growing. it can be a big night the for country artists sturgill simpson up for album of the year and best country album but that is not all. >> so what is interesting thinks year we have two amazing female artists up for new artist category, so i'm excited hopefully one will take it kelce ballreni but morris will be performing with alycia keys, that will be an amazing performance and one i'm so looking forward to and carrie underwood and keith urban do the fighter which is
8:38 am
such a great, great song. >> and don't forget you can watch all of the best grammy moments right here at grammys broadcast live tonight at 8:00 e on cbs-3. well, philadelphia is no stranger to the stars, between movie and tv shoots and concerts celebrities are always here. tonight after the grammys vittoria woodill heads out with philly's own pop race any search of the stars all around town and with scenes from the upcoming movie untouchable being filmed right now it is go time for hughe dylann. photographer and columnist who prides himself on being nice paparazzi is an expert finding out where stars are hanging out. see which celebrity hughe and tori catch up on the city streets tonight after the grammys again right here on cbs-3. we will be right back with this weeks dream drive, meisha john son takes you to a place that rescues our treasures and gives kid a chance to create their own, we will be back in a
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
fun way to learn pennsylvania history meisha johnson knows just the place to go. she takes to us a museum where young artists, can get in the game too in this weeks dream drive. >> this week i'm rolling to doylestown for a place that is pure pennsylvania. >> an amazing museum, whether you know arthur whether you don't know art is there something for everybody here. the art hugh seem got its start as something very different, director and ceo, lisa, trumpnor. >> art museum first line of prison so donated to the museum. we have grown over our almost 30 years here. >> there are stunning painting s, every where. >> this gallery represents what we were built for and that is the pennsylvania
8:42 am
impressionist painters. >> one of the crown jewels of the michigan nor art museum is a mural rescued from decades of neglect. >> a woman up in atco, pennsylvania, knew this mural existed on the back of an auditorium and it had cigarette butts in it, deteriorating. >> that is just crazy. >> we are so for nate we are care takers of this furniture fans will love wood sculptures like the desk and working fireplace carved of walnut. philip door inspired by moroccan carving. >> contractor is crack. >> just because it is fancy doesn't mean it is only for grown ups. the museum hold art appreciation classes for kids as young as three, teaching them shapes, colors, and, imagination. >> matthew is noticing it has got a round curve at the top and a lot more wider then his
8:43 am
doors are. >> they experience original works of art in the gallery and then go back and create. >> reporter: this is a block of wood in the door. >> we develop all kind of programming that allows people to really release their inner creative spirits. >> reporter: so good natalie artist not being loss, here. >> reporter: you might think a kid this age ties young to appreciate art, but the art hugh seem knows that inside everyone is an artists, just waiting to come out. >> nice job, you guys. i love it. >> reporter: meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning umbrellas today and hold on to your hats tomorrow, justin's back to tell us about some high wind in the forecast. and it is part two of the battle of moms with vittoria woodill and pat gallen to sees who can make best saw or some woodill and pat gallen to sees who can make best saw or some say gravy, if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go.
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and, car bound gymnastics academy has presented children 's hospital of philadelphia with a check for $21,000. here they are at their gym in bridgeton. money will go to the hospital 's child life fund and pays for activity for children who have to stay in the hospital for extended period of time, and star bound raised money touring its star struck invitational meet in atlantic city. turning now to weather. might be a good day to stay inside or at least wait out rain. >> exactly. we have not seen rain in philadelphia but on its way, give it an hour or so. we will see less rain further south, so delaware, new jersey dryer but glummy day and then we will see that freezing rain potential, lehigh valley and definitely poconos in the morning and afternoon. weather watchers reporting temperatures all above freezing for ones reporting in , good thing but don't go too far to the north, to still have stubborn cold air, up in
8:47 am
perkasie, john still hanging on to 34 degrees at this hour with overcast skies, again northern bucks county under winter weather advisory until early afternoon and then further north and west we will see sanatoga michael riley at 37 degrees, of cast skies, waiting on that precipitation. breaking out in the 40's still at this hour into south jersey we will go, currently have 41 degrees at david dutch house in clementon, once again cloudy skies, it the will take longer for that rain to arrive across new jersey and delaware knocking on our doorsteps here in philadelphia and to the north there has been light rain in the lehigh valley. we are looking live from the host tell bethlehem looking south overcast sky, little bit of light rain or entriesing rain, parts of the northampton county in the northern parts of the county, and winter wet the erad vicary for northampton county until 6:00 this evening, potential for some icy conditions, here's the storm, not a big storm system right now, decent amount of moisture, heavy rain breaking out in northern pennsylvania, it is a western
8:48 am
new york state, on the front end we have got snow and freezing rain breaking out. freezing rain in the mountains , and sustained drop another couple degrees towards allentown, bethlehem, berks county and storm starts to strengthen a bit. steady rain pushing off to the east. they are gist off to the west moving in chester county light rain moving in berks, still freezing rain, it looks like northern lehigh county. so we will get north white hall township on thort ward, northampton county could be dealing with pockets of tree ing rain, this hour, zooming in here, a little bit closer here and you can see that rain, confined north of freezing rain confined north of i78, may lower a bit those temperatures dropping and maybe a little bit of snowfall on the high tops there, in poconos. up poconos is brunt. it is in east affect until midnight tonight. see mixture of freezing rain, sleet, snow, before the system pulls out of here. tenth to a quarter inch of ice possible and maybe even one to
8:49 am
2 inches of snow on the back side of that system. the here's set up we have a storm off to the west, warm front to the south, cold air kind of wedged in at surface lehigh valley north ward to see that chance of frozen precipitation in the the form of freezing rain and then storm moves through, out of here by late afternoon behind it i cranks up, blizzard conditions in new england. very windy conditions for us overnight tonight and tomorrow wind gusts maybe 50, even 60 miles an hour, and especially tomorrow morning, into the afternoon. by midnight, we're gusting over 0 miles an hour, check this out by noon time monday, wind gusts, 50, again like i said close to 60 near coastline and then monday afternoon the wind start to die down a little bit. pretty much after the day on monies most windy. steady rain pulling into our region, early afternoon, freezing rain lehigh valley northward is gone, five or 6:00 we will dry out, win kicks out, sunshine returns for tomorrow, windy day, temperatures in the the lower 40's feeling colder, again,
8:50 am
ice amounts, couple hundreds of an inch possible near nazareth, northern lehigh county, maybe quarter inch carbon monday recounty and then we will see snow in the the mountains at the end of the system. rainfall amounts, around the quarter inch for philadelphia, less south. more to the north. we could use rain. cool pocket of air to start our workweek temperatures lower 40's tomorrow. coming down in the middle on of the week near average. another cold shot of air comes in late in the week and we may warm up, by end of the week in the weekend as jet stream moves back to the north. weather pattern all over the place next couple days. forty-five today with periods of rain tonight turning windy, and low temperatures in the the 30's and we expect the forecast to be pretty quiet after tomorrow once the wind dies down. valentines day good, sunny, mid 40's. near 50 by saturday. jan, back to you. it is now 8:50. time to check the roads lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, amanda. >> reporter: hi, jan. it has been a quiet morning on the roadways until now. we got a report of an accident in abington on susquehanna
8:51 am
road near washington lane. emergency crews are on the scene there. your best alternate is dixon lane on to pepper road. we have been talking about this incident here all morning , it is in center city, all lanes are blocked on south broad street in both directions between walnut and locust street due to construction. that that is going to be there until early this afternoon. mass transit looking g all majors looking good. taking a look at ben franklin bridge we have got volume but all routes are good and and out of the city. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now jan, back to you. >> jan, thank you. battle of italian sauce or is it gravy? vittoria woodill and pat gallen with their moms are looking for a taste of victory two pots of italian recipes are on the menu and judgment is served in part two of the special addition of taste with tori. last time it was moms apple pie but this time be in does pasta like momma. >> this pat verse tori
8:52 am
competition is all about what is in these pots. call it sauce or call it gravy >> gravy is, brown. the sauce is red. >> right. >> sauce is, sauce. gravy has meet the meet in it. >> our italian family recipes are on the line and only one pot can be primeau overpass to >> to judge we have assembled a panel of south philadelphia italians for blind tasting at village roma restaurant in the italian market. let's eat. the first to the table louise and tori's simple sauce, with tomatoes graded garlic and fresh basil. >> it is a little bland. >> yeah. >> i don't get that meatiness to it. >> what is going on out there. >> i don't know. >> we tasted it we liked it new we want to see what the other one taste like. >> for pat gallen's meat infused grave with surprising
8:53 am
spices like nut meg and cinnamon. >> darker then the first. >> it may have a little bit of sugar in it. >> cinnamon. >> first had a salty flavor this is a sweeter. >> whose recipes is number one >> are you ready. >> pat. >> yes. >> moment of truth. >> bringing nice to it. >> stop it. >> pat, do you want to do the honors. >> okay. >> one, one, one, one. >> all right. >> everybody loves their own sauce, your mom got the best sauce. >> gravy your mom has the best sauce. >> that we can agree on. >> pat. >> to you as well. >> and your mom. >> and all of our moms out there whether it is gravy or sauce. >> sialud. >> poor pat was so disappointed that his mom didn't win because that is two in a row for him but he said it right he has the best gravy
8:54 am
, and i guess tori had best sauce. >> i saw sauce, my mom makes her own sauce. >> i do too. >> they want me to argue and say gravy but i say sauce. >> our floor director is saying gravy, but gravy is on turkey. >> i'm with you on that one. >> i never heard gravy until i moved to the philadelphia area >> yeah. >> anyway we digress we will be right
8:55 am
8:56 am
tonight's special: longhorn favorites. get our outlaw ribeye, the longhorn salmon, or the parmesan crusted chicken. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. don't forget you can watch
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all of the best grammy moments right here, grammys broadcast live, tonight at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. it the will be a good show probably good day to stay inside. >> by the time show is on the rain will be out of here. we will see rain moving this have umbrella, rain jacket heading out, should be out mid to late afternoon but win cranks up tonight, windy day tomorrow, wind gusting to 50 to 60. we are dry. week is pretty dry by end of the weekend or next week in the 50's. >> bring the sun back, next weekend. >> thanks, justin. that is does it for "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs sunday morning is next. have have a great weekend,
8:58 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:59 am
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley. and this is "sunday morning." music's biggest night of the year is just hours away. it's the grammy awards, which of course you can see right here on cbs. we'll be looking at music past and present throughout the morning. we'll start hof with some singers whose voices sound too good to be true.


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